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I’m very proud that our sister company Norton & Mackenzie Lettings division has landlords who have entrusted us with their properties over the last two decades. Our objective is always the same: not just to find you ‘a tenant’, but a high-quality tenant who is creditworthy and trustworthy. Your property gains immediate exposure among the long-standing connections we enjoy in the international market place. Your property is also presented to the better relocation agents, and marketed worldwide on our website and through our international partners.

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Maximising Potential

From long experience, we know the triggers that high quality tenants look for, and will pay for. From wooden floors to the colour of carpets, and from power showers and kitchen appliances, we give you expert guidance on how to maximise the potential of your property. We can also support you with every practical service you may need: from basic redecorating; to complete interior design; to furnishing, or indeed emptying, your property.

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A Full Property Management Service

In addition to drawing up all legal paperwork and collecting rent, Norton & Mackenzie offer a full property management service. Your tenant expects a home that is fully-functional and safe throughout the tenancy. When things go wrong, they must be addressed immediately; this is a responsibility you can pass on to us.

The advantages to landlords are considerable:

  • We field all calls from tenants, around the clock.
  • We decide, from experience, on the most cost-efficient action.
  • We are major customers of trusted plumbers, builders and decorators and secure excellent work at a sensible cost.
  • We make regular Management Visits to check that the property is in good order.

Landlords find that full property management is a good investment in terms of time, convenience and money. With this extra level of service, fully managed properties can also attract higher quality tenants and better rents"

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The Renting Process

If you’re coming to live and work in Portugal, you will have a lot to think about – especially if you have a family. One of the most important things is not just to find a lovely home, but one that makes good sense. The location of schools, your work, airports and other connections may all be important factors in making the right choice. At Norton & Mackenzie we offer a highly personal renting service, working closely with incoming professionals and their families to find an ideal home in Portugal.

The renting process works like this:


We start by listening very carefully. We need to get a good understanding of the type of property you’re looking for, your family circumstances and needs, and your budget. From this we can compile a list of candidate properties for you to consider.

Accompanied viewings

We accompany you on all viewings so that we can talk you through the details of each property and answer your questions. Very often we will have several homes for you to see, and will drive you from one to another so that you can compare them. Throughout, we can give you as much help as you need in coming to a decision and, from experience, suggest points you may not have considered.

Your proposal to the landlord

Once you have chosen a property, we ask you to make a formal proposal. This will state how long you would like the tenancy to be, and whether you want options to renew the tenancy or break it. Your proposal will also contain any particular requirements you may have – for example, a request to change furniture or flooring, or to install certain appliances or equipment.

Formalities and check-in

Once you have an agreement with your landlord, Norton & Mackenzie draw up a tenancy agreement for you and the landlord to sign. On the day you move in, we also arrange a check-in clerk to document the contents and condition of the property.”

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Finding the Perfect Property to Rent

At Norton & Mackenzie we pride ourselves in bringing you an excellent choice of potential properties to rent in Portugal. This includes different property types and styles of home; various sizes and layouts; and, of course, different areas of Portugal. But even our website can’t show you the complete picture, for this reason, do call us and tell us what you’re looking for. We can then carry out a full property search, and create a candidate list for you to consider.

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