Virtual Viewings- The New Normal

As with many other companies, Mackenzie Portugal has had to adapt and embrace many new trends and tools as a result of the restrictions of COVID.

Due to the fact that many of our clients do not live in Portugal and therefore cannot necessarily travel, there have been numerous requests for virtual viewings and tours of our properties.

One of the many benefits of this is that it allows our customers to be able to view properties from the comfort of their homes and shortlist the properties based on these tours.

Whilst we have had properties purchased without the client ever physically seeing the property this does not mean real viewings will stop.

It just means that clients can eliminate viewing properties that would not suit them. It means the shortlist is now stronger and of better quality as the properties have been pre-approved by the client.

We are also in a better position to work with properties that are a more accurate reflection of our client's needs and requirements.

Virtual viewings have many benefits. The main ones are:

- A personalized virtual tour. 

  We are able to show you what you really want to see. We can also show you parts of the property that may not necessarily be photos of. The grounds, surrounding area, garage, storage, etc.

- Interaction in real-time 

  We can offer real-time interaction. This means the agent can assist with questions during the virtual tour. 

- Convenience to our client

  The tours/viewing will be booked at a time that suits our clients.

Virtual viewings have also greatly assisted us in selling properties as part of the Portuguese Residency Program ( Golden Visa).  Clients are in a better position to start the process sooner as they will need to spend less time in Portugal looking for properties as they would have already narrowed the list down. This will allow more time for paperwork and to explore the area they plan on buying a property in.

To book your virtual viewing now contact us at so we can arrange a hassle-free experience for you to view property!

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