Portuguese Real Estate Market Review

Portuguese Real Estate Market - 2018 Review and new Trends for 2019!

The Portuguese Real Estate Market is “Hot”- all the experts agree and the transaction numbers prove that this is the reality in Portugal at the moment.

In 2018 the number of houses sold grew 19% (source: INE), with prices raising in average, above 10% in the country, and 20% in the Lisbon area.

Faro is nr. 5 district with more real estate demand.

What to expect for 2019…

Home prices will continue to rise, but slower . . . With Less Offers.

Economic instability caused by external factors such as the Brexit will make investors hold on and wait.

The rising of rental prices will bring new buyers to the market – watch out for Babyboomers!

Keep an eye on the Millenials – with very specific demands, this is a fast growing market.

Happy 2019!!

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