Vilamoura is the new "Meca" of Sailing, with hundreds of international athletes preparing for the 2020 Olympics!

Vilamoura is attracting hundreds of athletes from all over the world, in preparation for the 2020 Tokio Olimpic Games.

Thanks to the recently open International Center for High Performance Sailing, with all the infrastructures available for the athletes, and the almost perfect conditions for sailing, with constant winds, fantastic weather and great ocean temperature, the local commerce is swirling on an otherwise very quiet season.

At the moment there are 340 athletes staying in Vilamoura, from more than 30 countries such as Canada, United States, Japan, Russia, Israel and Singapore, expected to grow to 600 by next February.

The economical impact of this second season at the International Center for High Performance Sailing is estimated already at 8 million euros, adding an additional 63.000 room nights to local Hotels, due to the long stay periods of the teams, with an average of 180 days.

Hotels, restaurants and local shops are happily welcoming this unusual activity during low season.

*Photo courtesy of Região Sul

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